Introducing a better way to receive packages
Ship your packages to a local retailer and pick them up at your convenience.
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Relax, Your Package is Safe

Say goodbye to the no-knock 'sorry we missed you’ sticker and ship your packages to your local coffee shop, boutique, bar, bike shop, or any other local business. They’ll be safe and sound, waiting for you, on your schedule.

How it Works

Sign Up

Create an account on boxaddress and register the locations that are on your daily route you’d like to ship packages to.

Place your Online Orders

Just shop online as you normally would, but checkout using the address of your boxaddress registered location.

Get Deliver Notification

We’ll let you know when your package has been delivered so you can pick it up at your convenience.

Pick up your Package

Head to your registered location and pick up your package. High five your shopkeeper and toast one for local businesses.

Want to see boxaddress in your city?

Right now, we’re only in NYC, but leave your info below and we’ll keep you updated on where we go next.

For Local Businesses

Loyal Customers Await

Residents need a secure place to ship and you’re in your shop all day. Let’s bring you two together. By providing a small amount of shelf or floor space for a few packages a week, you will be introduced to new customers in your own neighborhood.

We help get customers in the door

Reserving a package for one of your neighbors give them a reason to walk into your store. Every customer visit is an opportunity to create loyalty. Boxaddress gets more customers through the door.

Get them to love you(r store)

With every new or returning customer, you can create great relationships. By providing a valuable resource for local patrons, you’re halfway there.

Together we can build community

Building a strong local community is at the heart of the Boxaddress mission and product. We want to use technology to bring residents and businesses together to create smaller, more intimate neighborhoods in our cities.